October 2007. Amelia's Road / by Linda Jacobs Altman, illustrated by Enrique O. Sanchez

Amelia's Road
Author:  Linda Jacobs Altman
Illustrator: Enrique O. Sanchez
Publisher: Lee & Low Books
ISBN: 1-880000-04-0
Year: 1993
Flesch-Kinkaid Grade Level:  4.1

Concepts: child schooling, child work, migrant workers, scarcity, resources

Summary: A poignant yet gentle portrayal of the lives of migrant children. Constantly on the move, Amelia's family records events by crops not dates, carries with them only what will fit in the car, and are never anywhere long enough to feel at home. The girl longs for a place to stay, a place where she belongs. Teachers rarely bother to learn her name, so when Mrs. Ramos does so, it is special. The child's picture of a white house with a big shade tree earns a beautiful red star. On the way home, she discovers a road leading to a tree just like the one she drew. She visits this place often, and buries a small metal box filled with her treasures there when she must leave. For the first time in her life, Amelia has a home place.

Source of Summary: School Library Journal


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