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Hogwash / by Arthur Geisert


Title: Hogwash
Author and Illustrator:  Arthur Geisert
Publisher:  Houghton Mifflin
ISBN:  0-618-77332-0
Year:  2008

Concepts:  capital resources, innovation

Review: Several resourceful mama pigs have built a marvelous cleaning contraption that washes and dries their dirty piglets until they wind up spotless and pristine.  The enormous machine consists of an elaborate arrangement of pumps, hydrolics, heating elements, levers, pulleys, turbines, clotheslines, magnets, and wheels, all combined with a giant wash tub and shower head.  The mamas know to maximize the merriment, so they have fabricated the device to include a wave pool and a cable ride.

Tucked away in these intricate pages of pigs and machines are some powerful economics lessons about capital resources and innovation.  The clever mamas are innovators in every way, and the washing contraption they designed not only saves them time, but it also entertains their little ones.  This splendid book adds a whole new dimension to the phrase “a bunch of hogwash,” and readers may have difficulty ever again equating hogwash with baloney. 

Review by:
  Rutgers University Project on Economics and Children

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