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Yetsa's Sweater / by Sylvia Olsen, illustrated by Joan Larson


Title: Yetsa's Sweater
Author: Sylvia Olsen
Illustrator:  Joan Larson
Publisher: Sono Nis Press
ISBN: 1-55039-155-8
Year: 2006
Flesch-Kinkaid Grade Level:  4.6

Concepts: natural resources, human resources

Summary: Children who wonder how wool gets from the sheep into the sweater will find their answers here. A grandmother and her granddaughter participate in a 100-year-old tradition that represents a blending of the knitting skills of Scottish immigrants and the woolworking talents of the Cowichan tribe, according to an author's note. Realistic outdoor compositions portray three generations pulling debris (including sheep dung) from the fiber, washing and stirring it in enormous pots, and then wringing and hanging the heavy strands to dry. The processes of teasing, carding, and spinning lead up to a scene of Grandma knitting the gray, white, and black yarns into the patterns, rich in symbolism, that adorn her loved one's sweater.

Source of Summary: School Library Journal

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