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Let's Face It / by Jodi R. Moore

Title: Let's Face It 
Author: Jodi R. Moore
Publisher: Summer Job Books
ISBN: 9781469915043
Year: 2012

Concepts: human resources, jobs, marketing

Review: Fifteen-year-old Kaylin Bidwell was convinced that Clearagel, a popular acne medication on the market, did nothing to clear up her skin. She even demonstrated this rather disappointing result in a project for a science fair that promised to send two winners to science camp for the summer.  While Kaylin did not win (and unfortunately had to watch the boy of her dreams leave for science camp with a different girl), she wound up securing an internship at the family-owned company that produced Clearagel. 

Kaylin quickly discovered that she enjoyed the research side of the business. She wondered whether people had different types of acne bacteria and whether scientists could develop a vaccine that would cure acne, and the longer she interned at the company, the more she found out about the scientific investigations into questions such as these. Getting to know the business owner’s son Charlie also proved to be a nice perk.  But her bottom line remained the same: she wanted a cure for acne.  Could her internship actually make a difference?

This novel does a nice job in combining teen angst and romance with a clever story wrapped around a number of economic concepts, especially entrepreneurship, family-owned businesses, production decisions, marketing, and jobs.  Middle-grade readers looking for substantive material with a light-hearted touch will enjoy this new work by Jodi Moore.

Review by: Rutgers University Project on Economics and Children

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