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Earning Money / by Patricia J. Murphy


Title: Earning Money
Author: Patricia J. Murphy
Publisher: Lerner Publications

ISBN: 0-8225-2149-0
Year: 2006

Concepts:  money, wants and needs, jobs, saving, entrepreneurs

Review:  Already at an early age children learn about the importance of money for their families to purchase what they want and need.  Over time, though, children begin to comprehend that their families do not have endless supplies of money and that it must be earned.  This book explains to young learners how they too can earn money, beyond getting an allowance, by pursuing moneymaking opportunities that can be enjoyable and rewarding.


At a time when a growing number of states are adding financial literacy topics to their curriculum standards, books such as Earning Money become a valuable resource in helping to meet these education requirements. Clear text, amusing graphics, and examples specific to children’s interests make the book appealing to middle grade readers.  Vignettes about the real-life experiences of several young entrepreneurs serve as cases in point that children can indeed go beyond selling lemonade to start their own successful enterprises.

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The Rutgers University Project on Economics and Children

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