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Different Like Coco / by Elizabeths Matthews


Title: Different Like Coco
Author and Illustrator: Elizabeth Matthews
Publisher: Candlewick Press
ISBN: 978-07636-2548-1
Year: 2007


Economic concepts: child schooling and work, entrepreneurs, goods/services, innovation, producers/consumers, scarcity

At a time and place when high fashion involved ostentatious finery, Coco Chanel re-invented the wheel by designing and producing clothes that were simple. This charming picture book tells Chanel’s story from her childhood in poverty to her rise as a famous fashion designer heading two Parisian boutiques and a staff of 300. The book also contains a timeline of important events in Chanel’s life and a bibliography for those interested in learning more. Fitting with Chanel’s character, Matthews creates prose and pictures that come across as light, airy, and carefree. This book also provides a wealth of opportunities to discuss economic concepts, from Chanel’s merchant father selling goods in the marketplace to the rationing of goods during World War I.

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