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All Around the Farm / by Heather Alexander


Title: All Around the Farm
Author: Heather Alexander
Illustrator: Photographs
Publisher:  DK Publishing
ISBN:  0-7566-2977-2
Year: 2007

Concepts: natural resources, capital resources, human resources, interdependence, production

Review:  This fascinating book gives children and adults alike an informative and vivid account of farm production. The rich text and abundant pictures will certainly appeal to those who enjoy reading about trucks, animals, plants, technology, harvesting, and foods.  Interesting “Fun Facts” and “Did You Know” tidbits throughout the book ensure that even the most knowledgeable reader is bound to learn something new before reaching the last page.  Did you know that around the globe, children drink more goat’s milk than cow’s milk? Another fun fact: cotton is spun into more than just fabric; it is also used to make salad dressing and dollar bills.  Intricately woven together with these noteworthy tidbits are a useful set of economics ideas about production, interdependence, and resources. All Around the Farm gets top marks for combining its substantive lessons with an engaging layout.

Review by: Rutgers University Project on Economics and Children

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