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Beauty Day / by Judith Caseley


Title:  Beauty Day
Author and Illustrator:  Judith Caseley
Publisher:  Tanglewood Press
ISBN:  978-1-933718-06-4
Year:  2007

Concepts:  jobs, services, human resources

  Rosie’s grandmother has a new job, and Rosie is invited to spend the day with her at work. Although Rosie is skeptical that going to work with Grandma will be as fun as some of the other activities she has envisioned, the day turns out to be a rewarding and pleasant experience. Grandma works as a hair stylist at a full-service salon, and no drama or problem is too big for Grandma to handle.  A fussy customer who cannot get comfortable, a wig that must be styled by the end of the day, a hair color treatment that went horribly wrong, and a missing boy; Grandma manages it all with aplomb.  Along the way Rosie (and the reader) can participate in some of the color, scent, and style decisions that the salon customers make.

Not only does this book deliver an enjoyable story, it also provides young readers with some important lessons in economics related to jobs, human resources, and the provision of services.  The book stands out for featuring an employed grandmother who skillfully works in her trade while introducing her granddaughter to the excitement of the workplace.  Just as beauty runs deeper than the skin, the substantive content in Beauty Day goes far beyond the colorful pages. 

Review by:
  Rutgers University Project on Economics and Children

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