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Vanishing Cultures, series / by Jan Reynolds


  Vanishing Cultures, series
Author:  Jan Reynolds
Publisher:  Lee & Low Books
ISBN:  Amazon Basin (978-0152028312); Down Under (978-1600601262); Far North (978-1600601279); Frozen Land (978-1600601286); Himalaya (978-1600601293); Mongolia (978-1600601309); Sahara (978-1600601316)
Year:  2007 (paperback)

Concepts:  human and natural resources

  Economic development, technological growth, and environmental degradation have affected the lives of all people on this planet.  Yet modernization has changed the way of life more slowly across generations for some people. In this outstanding book series, Jan Reynolds offers readers a fascinating glimpse into several such societies and describes how families meet their subsistence needs, practice their beliefs, interact in their communities, and live in the elements.

To effectively communicate some fairly sophisticated lessons to younger children, the clear narratives each focus on a particular family, and the vivid photographs capture a wealth of interesting information about their activities, clothes, food, and surroundings. Seeing a young aborigines boy pulling an enormous carpet snake out of a log and reading about how the Inuit people survived on a diet consisting only of caribou meat and fat are just a few of the unique experiences that reading this book series will entail.

The series has seven books.  Amazon Basin highlights a Yanomama family living in South America’s Amazon rain forest; Down Under visits the Tiwi, aboriginese people who live on Bathurst Island in Australia; Far North presents a Sami family living above the Arctic Circle in northernmost Scandinavia;  Frozen Land focuses on the Inuit caribou hunters in the Northwest Territories of Canada; Himalaya takes us to a village in the Himalaya mountains along the trade routes between Nepal and Tibet; Mongolia features nomadic herders who live in the plains of this central Asian country; and Sahara explores the way of life for the Tuareg in the middle of Africa’s Sahara Desert.

Review by:  Rutgers University Project on Economics and Children

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