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Hillary Rodham Clinton: Dreams Taking Flight / by Kathleen Krull, illustrated by Amy June Bates


Title: Hillary Rodham Clinton: Dreams Taking Flight
Author: Kathleen Krull

Illustrator: Amy June Bates
Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
Year: 2008


Economic concepts: child schooling and work, careers, economics of gender, discrimination, economic role of government, public service

Review:  Using flight as a metaphor, this book follows a single-minded protagonist fighting against gender discrimination. Although unnamed in the book’s text, by the title the reader knows that this woman is Hillary Rodham Clinton, former First Lady of the United States and former U.S. Senator from New York. Beginning at an early age and following throughout her career, the reader sees how doors are closed or barriers are erected to prevent Clinton from attaining her goals because of her sex. Nevertheless, she perseveres and attempts to make a difference in her world. The book, published in the heat of the presidential primaries, ends with Clinton running for president and thus “propelling her way into history” (p. 33).

While the book chooses to remain airy in the primary text, the supplemental material provides detailed explanations of Clinton’s life. The book also includes a list of all the women who have attempted to the win the presidency in the past and a bibliography, including books intended for young readers. The watercolor, gouache, and pencil illustrations are colorful and charming, keeping with the flight metaphor by including background images such as soaring birds, flying balloons, and air-tossed graduation caps.

Using Clinton’s life as a model, this book introduces readers to historical and current examples of gender discrimination. However, this book also provides hope through its inspiring message to readers, particularly girls, about reaching high for impossible-seeming goals.

Reviewed by: Rutgers University Project on Children and Economics



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