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Corn / by Gail Gibbons


Title:  Corn
Author and Illustrator:  Gail Gibbons
Publisher:  Holiday House
ISBN:  978-0-8234-2169-5
Year:  2008
Flesch-Kinkaid Grade Level:  4.4

Concepts:  natural resources, capital resources, production

  Gail Gibbons has done it again, this time providing an interesting and substantive contribution to children’s non-fiction literature that focuses on corn.  The central theme of the book revolves around the four main types of corn (sweet corn, popcorn, flint corn, and dent corn) and how people have put them to use as food sources, animal feeds, fuel, and as additives to other products we do not commonly associate with corn.  The book also informs readers of the long history behind corn cultivation, the machines that are used to plant and harvest corn, and the process underlying the growth and pollination of corn.  Corn gives teachers and parents a new option for teaching children about natural resources and capital resources.  Kids who may not think twice about food items they eat almost every day are bound to learn something new and exciting.

Review by:
  Rutgers University Project on Economics and Children

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