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Critter Sitter / by Chuck Richards


Title:  Critter Sitter
Author and Illustrator:  Chuck Richards
Publisher:  Walker & Company
ISBN:  978-0-8027-9595-3
Year:  2008

Concepts:  jobs, services, entrepreneurs

  Henry, critter sitter extraordinaire, has reported for duty at the Mahoney house.  Little does he know the extent to which the animals in his care will challenge his business motto of “creature control.”  Slobberchops, an adorable hound with an enormous penchant for getting into dirty and smelly messes, initiates a succession of problems when he turns the laundry room into a disaster area and lets Slinky the boa constrictor out of its tank.  A snake on the loose is problematic because Flip the tree frog and Peepers the cockatiel have both escaped from their cages. Not to be outdone, Little Miss Purr-fect the cat knocks all the crickets onto the floor and tries to flush Bubbles the goldfish down the toilet.  Giving Slobberchops yet another bath loses its appeal, and pulling a slithering reptile out of the drain is certainly not a feature of the job that Henry had foreseen. 

This first-rate book takes readers on a breathless roller coaster ride as Henry does his best to keep up with the furry, feathery, and scaly creatures in his care.  Readers are further drawn in to Henry’s frustrations and triumphs through Chuck Richards’ delightful illustrations.  Mixed into the fun are some serious lessons in economics about the potential benefits and pitfalls of starting a business and providing a service.  Critter Sitter makes for a satisfying read and may inspire a new wave of entrepreneurs.  

Review by:  Rutgers University Project on Economics and Children

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