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Marveltown / by Bruce McCall


Title:  Marveltown
Author and Illustrator:  Bruce McCall
Publisher:  Farrar, Straus and Giroux
ISBN:  978-0-374-39925-2
Year:  2008

Concepts:  innovation, invention, productivity

 Inhabitants of Marveltown have used their extroaordinary creativity and engineering skills to develop their town into a futuristic place with the biggest, most enjoyable, and most efficient contraptions imaginable.  People could drive through a special carwash at 80 miles per hour, fish from atop a mile-high tower, and turn a large area of farmland into a winter playground at the flip of a switch.  The clever children learned quickly from their parents’ ability to innovate, and free access to the supplies in the “Invent-o-Drome” gave the kids unrivaled opportunities to produce their own marvelous inventions. 

When the parents built enormous electro-hydraulic robots to take over construction of the new airborne highway, they did not realize that a small electrical mishap could turn the robots into an army of menacing monsters.  Can the children save Marveltown from destruction?  

Bruce McCall tells a fascinating story that is centered around some important ideas in economics related to innovation and production. Namely, Marveltown’s various inventions have allowed the residents to do things better and faster, enjoy new activities not imagined before, and improve their well-being. This lesson is woven into an action-packed account with intriguing illustrations.  Hold onto your hats and go for an incredible ride into Marveltown.  

Review by:
  Rutgers University Project on Economics and Children

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