Rutgers University Project on Economics and Children

The Donut Chef / by Bob Staake


Title: The Donut Chef
Author and Illustrator: Bob Staake
Publisher:  Golden Books
ISBN:  978-0375844034
Year:  2008

Concepts: competition, supply, demand, producers, consumers

Review:  Humorous illustrations, rhyming text, and a clear focus on important economic concepts make this book a good choice for teachers interested in teaching economics with children’s literature. The story begins as a chef identifies a location for and gathers the productive resources needed to open a new donut shop. His donuts quickly become a sensation, with customers standing in long lines for the opportunity to purchase his baked goods.  As praise for his donuts spreads, another chef sees an opportunity to get into the action by opening his own donut shop in an adjacent building. With two donut shops on the block, the competition for customers begins. Kids can explore the impact of supply and demand as they note the increasingly outrageous strategies used by the chefs to attract business. Finally, it is a little girl with a craving for a glazed donut that saves the day for our original chef.

Review by:  Rutgers University Project on Economics and Children

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