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Working Then and Now / by Robin Nelson


Title: Working Then and Now
Author:  Robin Nelson
Illustrator:  Robin Nelson
Publisher:  Lerner Publications Company
ISBN:  978-0-8225-8604-3
Year:  2008

Concepts:  jobs, human resources, capital resources

Review:  This book provides an interesting twist on the theme of jobs and work by using pictures and text to contrast U.S. working conditions in earlier decades with those of today.  Black and white photos are used to depict the machines, jobs, and working environment of jobs in the early 1900s, while color photos from modern times show how these characteristics have changed.  The text clearly communicates important lessons such as the end of child labor and the rising participation of women in the labor force.  At the back of the book, an easy-to-understand timeline shows noteworthy events in labor history, and a set of bullet points and glossary items provide additional definitions.  The book is a good bet for stimulating children’s curiosity about how times have changed in the workplace.

Review by:
  Rutgers University Project on Economics and Children.

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