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Amelia Earhart: This Broad Ocean / by Sarah Stewart Taylor, illlustrated by Ben Towle


Amelia Earhart
Author:  Sarah Stewart Taylor
Illustrator:  Ben Towle
Publisher: Disney - Hyperion
ISBN: 978-142311337-9
Year: 2010

Concepts: jobs, discrimination, gender equality, human resources

 While most grade-school children have already gained exposure to Amelia Earhart’s various record-breaking feats in the airplane and to her mysterious and tragic disappearance over the Pacific Ocean, fewer know that she served as a trail-blazer for women on other fronts.  Earhart held several occupations during her all-too-brief lifetime, including social worker at a residence for the urban poor, university consultant, and associate editor for Cosmopolitan magazine, where she used her position to campaign for increased public acceptance of women in aviation. She even designed her own line of clothing for active women.

These biographical details, which are described in an introduction by astronaut Eileen Collins and in a set of back-end notes by the author, add an interesting economics perspective to this graphic novel about Amelia Earhart. The text and cartoon images focus on a particular episode in Earhart’s flying history: her successful attempt to become the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean.  Readers who enjoy the graphic novel format can appreciate the good dose of economics and history contained in this new contribution to the literature on an important female role model.

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