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Lightning Bolt Books - Exploring Economics Series / by Jennifer Larson and Robin Nelson


  Lightning Bolt Books - Exploring Economics Series
Author:  Jennifer Larson and Robin Nelson
Publisher:  Lerner Publications Company

978-0-7613-3910-6 (What Can You Do With Money? Earning, Spending, and Saving)
978-0-7613-3911-3 (Where Do We Keep Money? How Banks Work)
978-0-7613-3912-0 (Who's Buying? Who's Selling? Understanding Consumers and Producers)
978-0-7613-3913-7 (What Do We Buy? A Look at Goods and Services?)
978-0-7613-3914-4 (Do I Need It? Or Do I Want It? Making Budget Choices)
978-0-7613-3915-1 (What is Money Anyway? Why Dollars and Coins Have Value?)


Concepts:  money, banking, producers & consumers, goods & services, wants & needs, budgets, resources, saving, choices, costs & benefits, markets, prices

Younger students enter school with an experience-based knowledge of economics and the ability to learn a range of basic principles. Early introduction of key economics principles provides an important set of tools that form the building blocks of economic and financial literacy. This idea underlies the increased availability of interesting children’s books to help younger learners gain a basic understanding of the economic and financial world around them.

The Lightning Bolt Books‒ Exploring Economics series makes a solid contribution to this growing literature with its lively photographs, clear and simple text directed to younger students, practice exercises, and helpful reference materials. The series cover a range of fundamental concepts in economics that students are often expected to learn in the early years. The books have some overlap in the concepts they define, albeit with differing levels of detail, making them informative as stand-alone books yet mutually reinforcing.

The series currently has six books. What Can You Do With Money? explores how people earn money and then make choices about how much to save and spend; Where Do We Keep Money? highlights the role of banks in helping people save money and take out loans; Who's Buying? Who's Selling? describes how producers and consumers make decisions and interact in the market;  What Do We Buy? focuses on the differences between goods and services as well as the types of resources used in their production; Do I Need It? Or Do I Want It? emphasizes how people think about wants versus needs and how they utilize budgets when making decisions about money; and What is Money Anyway? discusses the origins and production of money and how money serves as a medium of exchange.

Review by:  Rutgers University Project on Economics and Children

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