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New Picture Books in 2010

Just click on the titles to read our original reviews for these picture books and easy readers published in 2010.

Rain School / by James Rumford
Rosa's Bus: The Ride to Civil Rights / by Jo S. Kittinger, illustrated by Steven Walker
Ruth and the Green Book / by Calvin Alexander Ramsey, illustrated by Floyd Cooper
Seaside Dream / by Janet Costa Bates, illustrated by Lambert Davis
Seeds of Change / by Jen Cullerton Johnson, illustrated by Sonia Lynn Sadler
Sharing Our Homeland / by Trish Marx, illustrated by Cindy Karp
Signed, Abiah Rose / by Diane Browning
Sit-In: How Four Friends Stood Up By Sitting Down / by Andrea Davis Pinkney, illustrated by Brian Pinkney
Sivu's Six Wishes: A Taoist Tale / by Jude Daly
Skit-Scat Raggedy Cat: Ella Fitzgerald / by Roxane Orgill, illustrated by Sean Qualls
Soar, Elinor! / by Tami Lewis Brown, illustrated by Francois Roca
Sometimes We Were Brave / by Pat Brisson, illustrated by France Brassard
Stable / by Ted Lewin
The Adventures of Granny Clearwater and Little Critter / by Kimberly Willis Holt, illustrated by Laura Huliska-Beith
The Beatitudes: From Slavery to Civil Rights / by Carole Boston Weatherford, ill. Tim Ladwig
The Can Man / by Laura E. Williams, illustrated by Craig Orback
The Christmas Eve Ghost / by Shirley Hughes
The Good Garden / by Katie Smith Milway / illustrated by Sylvie Daigneault
The Hallelujah Flight / by Phil Bildner, illustrated by John Holyfield
The Handkerchief Quilt / by Carol Crane, illustrated by Gary Palmer
The Ink Garden of Brother Theophane / by C.M. Millen, ill. Andrea Wisnewski
The Last Train / by Gordon Titcomb, illustrated by Wendell Minor
The Life of Rice: From Seedling to Supper / by Richard Sobol
The Taking Tree: A Selfish Parody / by Shrill Travesty, illustrated by Lucy Ruth Cummins
The Taxing Case of the Cows: A True Story About Suffrage / by Iris Van Rynbach and Pegi Deitz Shea, illustrated by Emily Arnold McCully
The Tooth, by Avi Slodovnick, illustrated by Manon Gauthier
The Village Garage / by G. Brian Karas
The Worst Things in LIfe Are Also Free / by Jim Benton
This Tree Counts! / by Alison Formento, illustrated by Sarah Snow
Through Time: New York City / by Richard Platt, illustrated by Manuela Cappon
Two Little Boys From Toolittle Toys / by Vincent X. Kirsch
Viola Desmond Won't Be Budged! / by Jody Nyasha Warner, illustrated by Richard Rudnicki
Whatever Happened to the Pony Express? / by Verla Kay, ill. Kimberly Bulcken Root & Barry Root
Whose Shoes? A Shoe for Every Job / by Stephen R. Swinburne
Wolf Wanted / by Ana Maria Machado / illustrated by Laurent Cardon
Yasmin's Hammer / by Ann Malaspina, illustrated by Doug Chayka