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The Money We'll Save / by Brock Cole

Title: The Money We'll Save
Author and Illustrator: Brock Cole
Publisher: Farrar Straus Giroux
ISBN: 978-0-374-35011-6
Year: 2011

Concepts: needs, savings, natural resource

Review: When Pa went out to do the grocery shopping, he comes home with quite a surprise.  After being reminded, “Christmas is not far off, and we must save every penny,” Pa returns with his idea of a way to save money on the Christmas dinner.  Only his idea brings more problems than savings.

The turkey poult that is supposed to live in a box by the stove and eat food scraps, grows.  As he gets bigger, he needs more space and more food. The family’s three-room flat doesn’t seem big enough for the turkey and the family.  Pa tries a variety of ways to care for the turkey---now named Alfred by the children--- including building a cage on the fire escape.   That doesn’t work because of the noise and his “business” which rains down on the neighbors.  As each problem arises, Pa reminds the family how much money they are saving on Christmas dinner.  While Pa manages to solve most of the problems, it takes the whole family to solve the biggest one that arises Christmas Day.

While the setting is the Christmas season, this delightful book is one that will appeal to readers at any season.  Set in a nineteenth-century New York City tenement, Cole’s lively detailed pictures bring this era alive for the reader.

Review by: Rutgers University Project on Economics and Children

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