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The Lemonade War / by Jacqueline Davies


Title: The Lemonade War
Author: Jacqueline Davies
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Company
ISBN: 978-0-618-75043-6
Year: 2007

Economic concepts: child schooling and work, entrepreneurs, goods/services, innovation, markets and competition, money/banking, producers/consumers, profit, saving

Review: When Evan Treski finds out his little sister Jessie is not only going to be skipping a grade but that she will also be in his fourth-grade class, he tries to spend the rest of the summer distancing himself from her. Jessie doesn’t take this rejection well, and the two start feuding using lemonade as their unlikely weapon. The siblings each set up a lemonade stand and bet each other that whoever earns $100 by the end of the summer from selling lemonade will also get the loser’s earnings. Will Jessie’s superior math skills help her win the bet or will Evan be able to earn enough through his people skills? 

Each chapter of the book begins with a term (usually an economic concept) and its definition. That term is then explored through the happenings of the chapter. For instance, in the chapter titled “partnership,” Jessie joins forces with another neighborhood girl to help her sell lemonade. This provides children with the opportunity to learn about economic concepts in an interesting way. In this engaging manner, children will learn the basics about running a business, from forming partnerships to effectively marketing goods.

Review by: Rutgers University Project on Children and Economics

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