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My Life in Pink & Green / by Lisa Greenwald


Title: My Life in Pink & Green
Author:  Lisa Greenwald
Publisher:  Amulet Books
ISBN:  978-0-8109-8352-6
Year:  2009

Concepts: entrepreneur, innovation, consumers, producers

Review: The stress felt palpable to Lucy. Trying to buy shoes at the mall with her friends but having her mom's credit card get denied; working on the computer at home and having the electricity go off because the bill had not been paid; and hearing her mom and grandma argue all the time about managing budgets and staying afloat. Their family business, a small-town pharmacy, had seen better days, back in the time when people would hang out at the fountain bar and spend more of their money on the pharmacy's products. These days, most folks preferred the big-box retailers to meet all their shopping needs.

Lucy spent much of her time after school working at the store and thinking about ways to turn the business around. These thoughts led to actions when a series of fortuitous events led to some promising opportunities. A high schooler's emergency need for a make-over helped spread the word about Lucy's makeup skills; her best friend's interest in the Earth Club led to the discovery of a grant application for going green; and an article about a relaxation space helped to spark an idea for a relaxation room in the pharmacy. Would these ideas, coming from a twelve-year-old, be sufficient to put an end to the family's financial woes?

With its lively blend of pre-teen angst, makeup tips, spunky entrepreneurship, and eco-green living, My Life in Pink & Green comes as a welcome addition to the crowded chick lit market. The charged relationship across three generations of females adds an interesting twist to this highly entertaining novel.

Review by:  Rutgers University Project on Economics and Children

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